Rowdy Ranch is a family owned and operated small scale ranch purchased by Brandi Atkinson and located just North of Denver in Firestone, Colorado. I purchased this property in 2005 with the vision of boarding horses and sharing this fantastic property with “tenants” and their friends and family. We believe that your pet is a family member that deserves to be treated as such. The goal is to provide your pet the safest, healthiest, and friendliest environment we can. We also provide a very friendly, supportive, and laid-back atmosphere for dogs, horses and their riders. We live on site and are available more often than not.

I have been an animal person all of my life. I graduated with a 2-yr tech degree in Animal care learning basic animal husbandry and animal grooming. From there I worked in the grooming field all through college. After graduating college with an Architectural Engineering degree I worked in the engineering field for 7 ‘ish’ years. Realizing this was not the field for me, I stayed home with my two children for quite some time working only the ranch. I finally decided to follow my heart back into the grooming world, as well as the horses, and am taking dogs into my home to be groomed in a quiet, loving environment.

Come visit and we’ll be happy to show you around!